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Vladdy Jr. On The Health Happenings Diet?

The past couple of weeks in the sports world have been busy to say the least! We’ve had Championships in two different motorsports, as well as a new first time Masters champion on the PGA.

I love any and all sports, and sometimes it is hard to keep up with everything that is going on, so I made a little recap of this chaos.

Vladdy Jr. finally decided to try and diet and get in shape like an actual professional athlete. This is good news for the Jays fans considering he has been both overweight, and under performing thus far.

Biggest headline from the NHL is Peterson being hired by the Florida Panthers as the first Black Assistant GM in NHL history.

In PGA news, Dustin Johnson won his first green jacket while Tiger Woods made us all feel better about our golf game when he scored a 10 on the Par 3 12th!

The Cardinals and Browns had strange endings to their NFL games helping a lot of people win money, but probably even more lose money on the spreads they failed to cover in the strangest of ways.

Jrue Holiday was traded in the NBA for what seems like a lifetime of draft picks. It looks like the Bucks went to Brooklyn Nets lengths to try and help the Greek Freak get past the first round of the playoffs.

Finally, we had Chase Elliott become the youngest cup winner since Jeff Gordon in Nascar, and Lewis Hamilton win his 4th consecutive driver championship in Formula 1, and his 7th total, tying him for the most all time.

Do you have a favourite sport? What news have you heard in that league that makes you scratch your head?

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