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Pricing a Home You Want for Yourself

How do you price out a home you want for yourself?? Well I had to do this and I took myself out of the equation. I knew that my job is to help them get the most amount of money and that requires an accurate listing price, and hopefully multiple offers. If I want it myself, I’ll have to offer in competition!

My Exclusive Listings: https://rightchoice.ca/team/kevin-murphy/

Turns out he had a family friend who will be listing the property, and just wanted experts pricing opinions and analysis. It’s never a good start to the week losing listings, but that’s part of the ups and downs.

The ups this week were working on two other comparative market analysis that were really nice properties to go through, and if they hit the market someone will absolutely love!

I also had many showings this week for Buyers all over Niagara, and although we didn’t put in any offers to buy, the search helps them narrow their interests as well as keep me up to date on active listings throughout Niagara.

Have a look at my EXCLUSIVE Listings: https://rightchoice.ca/team/kevin-murphy/

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