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Alex Cora is Back!

Big month for cheaters in Major League Baseball.

New York Post Article: https://nypost.com/2020/11/10/red-sox-cheater-quietly-returns-with-alex-cora/

We have two managers who were suspended for stealing signs electronically, as well as discussions for the Hall of Fame ballot and if anyone breaks the barrier, and ANOTHER PED suspension for Robinson Cano.

I am a big fan of Alex Cora being brought back to the Red Sox, the team he took to the championship in 2018. Many people are frustrated or furious with him being brought back into the game but I am in big favour of it. With all the players cheating the game using performance enhancing drugs, and receiving half season suspensions, I think these managers can come back in after serving their punishments.

This would hurt any Cooperstown chances that they may have had, but not deserving to be removed from the game. If anyone needs to be permanently removed it’s Angel Hernandez.

Should he be back?

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