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Managing Difficult Decisions to Make More Money

This listing went very quickly, as myself and my Seller expected. It did come with some difficult decisions, and some unique negotiation strategies.

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The Seller listened to my suggested list price from the Comparative Market Analysis and we had the house hit the market with a lot of presence, and momentum.

Once we had the listing live and the showings started we began to receive interest from potential Buyers. At this time we put together a game plan for any potential offers, and how we can negotiate the most money.

We then received an offer that we needed to respond to that night…AND it was over asking! My Seller and I discussed our options, and I felt like I have seen this play from Buying agents before. I read the scenario and we decided to let this offer go!

Doing this we set up multiple offers the following night, including this offer coming back to the table AND improving! We ended up getting 3 improved offers and accepted one over asking!

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