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The Frustrations That Come with Real Estate

After previewing 3 different homes and a gun club, I had to put my nose to the grindstone to get these Comparative Market Analysis done for my potential Sellers.

I ran into some speed bumps along the way that are not that uncommon. When listing anything to do with land, zoning and planning from the township is one of the first stops to make sure you get all the information you can on. This is where the frustration began.

While digging for answers from that stop, I began digging for answers on another important aspect of research for the gun club analysis. This being my first Comparative Market Analysis on a gun club, and 0 gun club sales I can use…I really had to look for answers anywhere I could.

While waiting on some return calls(that never happened) I worked on a more standard Comparative Market Analysis to put some time into that one as well. With a full plate of Sellers looking for home values, I’ve gotta make sure I’m efficient, and can provide them the service they need!

While juggling these different CMA’s I got to have a great system session with Joe and Kacey. This was an excellent meeting as it browsed over some essentials in our system and making sure we were setting ourselves up properly!

Mix in some showings with some of my first time Buyers and that is a busy, eventful, and big variety week in real Estate!

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