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How Real Estate Representation Works

A very common misconception with Buyers purchasing real estate is that if they call the listing agent, they will get a better deal, or that the listing realtor is the one that needs to show them the house.

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When you continuously call the agent off of the sign to see their properties you will not have any consistency in your showings, and may even have a biased view of the home, and not as straightforward. After all, their job is to help the Sellers get this property sold.

When you get an offer going in on the property, in the very best handling of having the same Realtor on both sides, you receive a good mediator helping you put a fair transaction together where you are protected.

What you are potentially missing out on is a better experience viewing the home with a Realtor who’s only interests are yours. In the negotiations you have someone fighting strictly for your wants and needs, instead of a mediator.

This is a service you aren’t paying for. Do your house shopping with someone you trust, and have the best experience purchasing your next home.

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