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How Your Listing Should Be Marketed

When deciding on the person to list your home, this is one of the most important questions to ask!

How do I market your home? https://kevmurphy.ca/selling-real-estate/

This situation could have been completely avoided, and certainly would have been a lot better for both of us… instead you’ve got a stale property, a missed opportunity to purchase a dream home, and a somewhat laughable situation for myself.

Anybody can sell real estate, as long as it’s not that important how much you sell it for. When you want to get as much money as the market has to offer, you need to make sure the person listing your property has a strategy, and marketing plan in place that makes sense to you.

If you’re interviewing people to list your property, ask these questions, and get quality answers!

More info: https://kevmurphy.ca/selling-real-estate/

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