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Protecting the Buyer AND the Seller in Real Estate

While I have an offer on my Gun Club listing, it’s an offer that I wrote for my Buyer! Dual Agency is a tricky scenario.

If you’re curious about this process, ask me questions below!

While this is a fairly common practice in Real Estate, it’s something that must be treated with caution and full attention. There are certain pieces of information that MUST be kept between myself and one of the parties, on each side.

While the end goal of both of these parties is a fair transaction, with one side getting money and the other real estate, they may have different reasons to buy or sell. These reasons, and motivations to do so are very important pieces of information that cannot be disclosed to the other side, unless specifically told to do so by the party who gave you that information.

Another very important piece of a transaction that is important to stay out of is the prices. Interjecting into price negotiation is not something that can be done and be fair to both parties. We want to mediate, and help find the common ground and pieces to put the deal together for the two parties.

Are you curious about this process? Ask me questions below.

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