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2020 Was a Good Year for Me

It’s hard to say that a year that includes a global pandemic was a good year, but leaving that negative piece aside it was.

I started the year with my business moving and then it came to a complete stop right when the pandemic started. I began searching for ways to be productive and use the time I had to further myself and career. I had little direction, and unsure of how to use that time.

I then changed brokerages and everything took off. I brought a listing that I put out on day 1. I began using a new system for my listings on that day. Carried a ton of momentum through the rest of the year.

This was also the start of content creation which has increased and been growing throughout the year. I look forward to keeping this consistent and seeing where I am at at the end of 2021.

Kacey joining Right Choice was another good part of the year that has been a positive change. We had worked together a lot prior at our last brokerage so it was a good fit to continue that work at the new brokerage. Supporting each others businesses, as well as content.

I end the year having met some personal goals, as well as some business goals. I can’t wait to see where I am at come this time next year. If you have any questions or goals for yourself, let me know!

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