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TOP 5 Things to Do in Welland Ontario

Welland has many great places, and activities, so it was hard to choose my favourite 5, but they are as follows:

My 5th favourite piece of Welland is the Rose City Parade! Happens annually in June and was started in 1961! The huge parade runs right through the centre of Welland. My favourite part of the parade is the junior fishing derby!

Number 4 is all of the activities on the Welland Canal! The Welland Canal is a staple to the city of Welland, and my favourite activity on this piece of Welland is the annual Float Fest! Tons of people get together, with their biggest floaties, and float down this man made masterpiece!

My 3rd favourite thing to do in Welland is enjoy Mr. Mikes Steakhouse! This restaurant is fairly new to Welland, but it has been a hit since it’s arrival! Very unique restaurant, with a fantastic menu, and great service! The patio is open, and if you haven’t been yet, I highly recommend this restaurant for any occasion!

Time for number 2! I’m sure a lot of people would have thought the Welland Jackfish, and baseball in General would be the chart topper for me, but they come 2nd! Welland has great baseball to watch. Whether it is inter county ball with the Jackfish, or NDBA baseball with the Welland Chiefs or Rose City Thorns, the stadium is always a destination to visit all summer long!

Drum Roll…..Jeff’s Bowl-O-Rama!!
I am a league bowler here, and I love the staff at this alley, and the care they show the lanes. I can not wait to get back to the lanes and see the renovations they are working on, as well as get into some of their highly underrated food! Good for all occasions, Bowl-O-Rama is a must visit in Welland!

Shocked by any of these? Do you think I’m missing something? I want to know about it so let me know below! Hopefully this helps YOU plan your next weekend in The Rose City!

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