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My Week With Buyers, Sellers, AND Closings!

Over the last two weeks I have previewed and toured FIVE different homes to prepare a full Comparative Market Analysis for them as they are potentially looking to sell their home.

This really put a grind on in the office as I spend a lot of time on each of these Comparative Market Analysis individually. Pricing them out accurately is one of the most important parts of the business, so I take a lot of pride in mine.

I had a couple of the potential Sellers that thought the house would be at a higher list price than my analysis suggested, and I even had one who thought it would be lower!

I do not list higher just because we want more money. Listing accurately gets you the most amount of money possible. If you’re going to list $50,000 higher than market value, you might as well try $150,000!

I also had work with Buyers this week including showings, final walk throughs, AND a closing!

It was a packed couple of weeks with all different aspects of real estate included!

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