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Right Choice Happenings Realty Ltd. Brokerage
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Discount Brokerages Suck!

This beautiful Condo sat on the Market for OVER 130 Days before I was brought in to get the Job Done✅

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My first step was to give these amazing sellers my Comparative Market Analysis. I take this stage extremely seriously, I spend anywhere from 8 to 12 hours in the Research Laboratory to come up with my suggested Listing Price!

Listing your house without a comparative market analysis does not let you confidently set the tone for your listing.

I’ve heard from many Sellers how other Agents (enter discount Brokerages) show up to the Listing Preview appointment and have your homes EXACT price after 10 minutes! How are they able to do this so fast? They’re not, unless they consider tossing a dart at the wall accurate!

Remember, this is VERY important! Data is required to accurately suggest list prices, this enables you put your home in the driver’s seat!

In my experience, these discount brokerage’s let you (the Seller) pick your Price! They’re not concerned with selling your home, they are just happy listing it!

My listing strategy is proven to get you the most out of the current market! Ready to find out what your homes worth? Click Here!

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